The CYRE’s team of professionals has the expertise, knowledge, portability of skills and dedication, which allow us to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients.

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Our Executive Team

Our Management

The CYRE’s team of experts is known for their experience and knowledge. We add value to the business and build long terms relationships with our clients which is based on trust and shared interests.

We maintain a streamlined organisational structure that simplifies the Company’s work. This allows us to be fast, flexible, and capable of continuous productivity improvement.
While solid procedures and protocols are necessary for any organisation to function well, our aim is to trim every possible sign of unnecessary bureaucracy—extra layers of management, an abundance of rules and regulations.

CYRE’s executives are required to make everything as simple and professional as possible for our clients, consultants and service providers.

Mark Sweeney – Partner

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in the property market and in particular development and project management. With a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Building and Property Development, Mark has both the education and hands-on experience in all aspects of property development in all sectors of property.

Mark is co-founder of the CYRE Projects Pty Ltd and to date has been involved with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property transactions in the past 10 years. In addition to his project development work Mark continues to consult to some of the largest financial, accounting and property businesses across Australia regarding workout solutions and business best practice.

Prior to CYRE, Mark worked within Local Government, gaining valuable experience in Town Planning, Building Surveying and all aspects of the Statutory Approvals Process.

Mark brings a wealth of experience in project and risk management methodologies and has a broad network of property and commercial partners across Australia. 

Marlon Zunac – Partner

Marlon is a co-director of CYRE Projects Pty Ltd and is a construction specialist with an excellent track record for delivering customer interests. He has the ability to quickly discern the risks, costs and critical path when managing complex developments and distressed assets.

Marlon has spent over 20 years in the construction industry with over $800m in managed projects under his belt. This expertise offers investors, administrators and private clients a disciplined and transparent framework for informed, reliable decision making.

Being a Licenced Contractor in New South Wales (66791S & 252793C) a Registered Building Practitioner in Victoria (CB-L 39123) and a licenced Project Manager in Queensland (Lic No. 1310129 & 1311221), Marlon offers clients a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for practical, achievable and efficient construction solutions. 

This combination of practical expertise and institutional grade management delivers for his client’s financial result in both time and hard costs.