Property Marketing Sales & Leasing aims to systematically ascertain value and then evaluate the best possible method of disposal to realise the assets value. Our processes and methodology assists out clients to demonstrate that they have taken all reasonable care.

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Cyre Projects Pty Ltd.
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Marketing & Sales / Leasing Services

We understand the importance of selecting a method of disposal that achieves the highest NET return.

We understand the relative costs & risks of the various methods of disposal in all circumstances and can shape a solid marketing and sales / leasing plan on this basis.  

Our Services include:

  • Deal origination
  • Securing joint venture partners, where requested
  • Strategic property planning
  • Master planning and concept analysis
  • Facilitation of project planning workshops
  • Programming - preparation of draft control and construction programmes
  • Market researching
  • Preparation of a project development budget
  • Site negotiation and procurement
  • Tendering project finance
  • Funding options analysis
  • Preparation of Information Memorandums