CYRE’s creates, builds and recovers value.

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Cyre Projects Pty Ltd.
Level 8, Suite 18
100 Walker Street

 +612 8005 6603

Mission & Values

CYRE’s multidisciplinary team creates, builds and recovers value offering its clients total management solutions across the property life cycle. Its goal is to achieve an environment for mutual success.

We are able to deliver it thanks to our innovative triple bottom line methodology, portability of skills, transparency, superior implementation and documentation, and an approach based on trust.

We have the necessary experience and knowledge gained during our 15-year history, making us a trustworthy partner our clients can rely on.


At CYRE we endeavour to maintain calm composure as we focus on results. In challenging situations we retain and promote balance, objectivity and firmness of mind  across all our business interfaces.

We apply our repeatable project management model in a controlled manner, such that the strategies we implement lead to significant and quantifiable improvement. Our team has a very structured approach to solving problems applying our methodologies in a wide variety of diverse environments.

We assume responsibility and accountability to develop and facilitate value creation, expansion or recovery for our clients. We embody cooperative planning and management of resources rather than acting as a controller and executor. We guide our clients in the interest of long-term sustainability.

We strongly believe that the best results are only achieved through working as a team. We aim to align our interests and work together with our clients to achieve a common goal.