CYRE’s executive team has the knowledge, expertise and creativity to successfully manage our clients’ business ventures.

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Cyre Projects Pty Ltd.
Level 8, Suite 18
100 Walker Street

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About Us

Our People

CYRE operates with the view that technology and capital make success possible but people with integrity make it happen. Exceptional people possess a unique combination of skills, values, and attitudes that ultimately lead to unlocking value.

We build strong relationships with our clients and approach their business with a passion and commitment like it was our own.

Our Products

As a triple bottom line business, CYRE measures success by the financial returns, environmental impacts and social benefits created through its value chain. We believe that businesses pursuing a triple bottom line throughout all activities will be better placed to become the future market leaders than those who do not.

Our Name

The word “CYRE” is an Old English word that means literally: that which is to be chosen. Since inception, the Company wanted to earn a reputation for value and exceptional work standards. One of the measurements for this was repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. This led to the idea that rather than ever giving a hard sell, the Company would seek to conduct itself to be the “obvious choice”.

The result was the CYRE Group of Companies – that which is to be chosen for total property management.